About Arroyo Village Escrow

Arroyo Village Escrow was founded with one single goal in mind. To provide an excellent escrow experience by delivering on our promise to help our clients achieve their real estate goals, bring a peace of mind knowing that we are accessible, will make the process as easy as possible and understand that we will do all that we can to get the job done. Our vision is to become a leader in the escrow industry by building strong relationships with our clients and provid the knowledge, experience and trust we have attained in past 27 years. Our escrow officers can help protect you against fraud and guide you through the confusing process of protecting your transactions. All of our escrow officers are licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight, and have gone through background checks as well as fingerprinting. We have taken these measures so that we can help you with what matters.

At Arroyo Village Escrow, we value Integrity, Passion, Knowledge, Dedication and Accessibility.

What is Escrow

Arroyo Village Escrow is an Independent escrow company and is licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight. Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions, or need assistance with your escrow needs.

Escrow – What is it?

Escrow is a bond, deed, currency, or other document kept in the custody of a third party (Arroyo Village Escrow) and is not released until certain conditions have been met. The legal definition of escrow can be found in Section 17003 of the Financial Code.

Our escrow services include Residential, Commercial, Refinance, Industrial, Business, Liquor stores, Backing, Gas Stations, Private Party, Buy Off Escrow, Seller Carry Backs, and bilingual notary services.

Why Do I Need an Escrow?

Escrow provides the assurance that no funds will exchange hands until all of the specified conditions have been met. The escrow holder safeguards the funds from any fraud as well as ensures that all requirements are met for the funds to be released.

How does Escrow work?

The principles who are the buyer, seller, lender and borrower write the instructors that need to be completed. These instructions are signed and sent to the escrow officer. The escrow officer will then hold the funds and release them in accordance to the instructions that were agreed upon. Every escrow is different as it deals with your personal properties and the transaction at hand.

Who Chooses the Escrow?

The escrow holder is usually agreed upon by the principles involved in the transaction. Laws remove the ability to receive referral fees, ensuring the quality of service received.

Rosie Garcia

Rosie always knew she was meant to do something amazing in life.  Born in Mexico and raised in Lincoln Hights she was raised with grounded principles that her parents invoked in her at a young age which she still practices on a daily bases – work hard, have compassion for others, help those in needed and always do your very best.  Her career in the escrow industry began 30 years ago where she fell in love with the process of helping her clients achieve their dream of purchasing a home.  She understood that escrow played a fundamental role in the real estate process and that she had the ability to make that process go as smooth as possible.  Rosie loves her job, interacting with her clients, solving complex issues, being challenged and delivering the utmost best service in her industry.  After a long day at the office, Rosie enjoys spending time with her two daughters, her son and her new pride and joy grandson.  She loves to dance, visit new destinations, attend sporting events such as a Ram’s game or simply stay at home and watch a good Netflix original or play a round of dominos. Giving back is one of Rosie’s most important goals in life.  She’s involved with the youth football league, is a member of the Rotary Club and other community organization.  Rosie’s mission is to continue to build her company with her business partner, help others achieve their real estate goals and lead her family in continuing the legacy of doing something amazing and leave this world a better place.

Debra Fernandez

If there is one thing Debra Fernandez loves more than cheering for her favorite baseball team, The Los Angeles Dodgers, its working at her Escrow business helping her clients’ side by side with her business partner Rosie Garcia for the last 27 years.  Her passion for the line of work began over 30 years ago when she entered the real estate industry as an escrow administrator.  She quickly understood how important of a role she played in helping her team create the proper paperwork needed to process real estate transactions.  It was more than the transactions that inspired her to be the best at her job. It was the relationships and trust she developed with her clients that made her work all the more worth wile. Her ability to use her skills to help others and the commitment to being the best escrow officer became her number one mission.  As her business grew, so did her family.  Debra is a proud mother of two amazing young adults, Daniel and Desiree.  Her kids are her daily inspiration and motivation to continue to build an extraordinary escrow company.  She has taught her kids to dream big, work hard and give back to others.  A large part of her business goals were to be able to give back to local community little leagues, Saint Frances Center programs, and local homeless programs.  When you don’t find Debra at her desk, she is most likely to be traveling with her family, on a hike, run, or bike ride.  Debra loves the outdoors as she is a child at heart who loves adventures and living life to the fullest.


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